SJ Directional Drilling P/L
Geelong Victoria
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a family owned and operated business in Geelong Victoria.  Operating a state of the art ASTEC 2024 Directional Drill for installing infrastructure using trenchless
technology for major pipelines down to a service lead-in.  With new equipment and over ten years experience we can deliver your project requirements at a
competitive price.   

Andrew Adams
has worked on a variety of drilling projects all over the eastern coast of Australia, installing up to 560mm pipe and bores up to 440mtrs long using all kinds of pipe including concrete.

Directional Drilling is a process of installing underground services without trenching and is an efficient and professional method widely used in many developed countries.
Proven to be faster, more cost effective and definitely less disruptive to surface activities, Directional Drilling is a welcome technology - whether installing utilities in the city, rural areas, parks, under water ways, anywhere where conventional open cut methods aren't achievable.

Installation of earthing system in Power Sub-Station


125mm gas main being installed under the road with minimal disruption


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